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There is a reason behind all behaviour

There is a reason behind all behaviours

There are still many myths about canine behaviour. It is normally classified into “good behaviour, or bad behaviour”

This is always going to create problems for our dogs, because any behaviour is linked to information. From pulling on lead, to recall problems, to digging up the garden, jumping up or becoming extremely anxious when left alone, to biting

If we ignore the signs then behaviour becomes more extreme. A dog may start barking as soon as soon as people leave the house, or be increasingly excited around other dogs. This is not bad behaviour and if punishment is doled out then dogs become more anxious and behaviours escalate to a more extreme level

The answer is not to dole out punishment or reach for an aversive-however innocent they may seem.

Being squirted in the face with water, or a collar that delivers citronella to a dogs face every time they bark or shouting “NO” every time a dog pulls are all aversives.

They may not seem that extreme but I would not like water being sprayed in my face if I got something wrong-not only is it unpleasant but it gives me no information as to what I was supposed to be doing wrong-as for using anti bark collars on dogs with separation anxiety-while this may prevent them barking just think about the anxiety that builds as people prepare to leave the dog alone

It is important to understand that many things we reach for are aversive-they don't have to look like instruments of torture

Please think before starting to "correct" any bad behaviors

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