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Do you dread dog walks?

When you considered living with a dog, did you have visions of long, leisurely walks?


But is the reality may actually very different? Are you are finding that walks with your dog are stressful and you are struggling to control your dogs behaviour when another dog appears , even in the distance?

Let me set your mind at rest- this is not your fault and these problems can be resolved.


I offer a programme which will fully support you and your dog as you start to address the issues of being outside 

The location of sessions can be discussed at the time of booking 


Days & times to suit you 


Around 60 minutes per session

 Please use the contact form for prices as every dog is an individual

What a programme includes  

-An initial consultation to discuss and assess the needs of your dog and yourself 

 -Accompanying you and your dog on walks -on agreed days and times - where feedback and backup will be provided.

(Walks may be accompanied by one of my own dogs when your dog is ready, to help build confidence).

- Weekly Email and whatsapp check ins to be agreed on the first appointment

- Modification and Management plan to refer back to

- Access to a number of tutorial videos and handouts specific to reactive and anxious dogs

There is some bad news-your dogs reactivity cannot be resolved in one session even if it gives you a broader understanding of what is creating the anxiety, but here is the GOOD news -I am able to help and support you and have helped many hundreds of dogs and their carers 

Reactivity means that your dog is experiencing extreme fear and  as soon as they see another dog.

With this in mind it is important to think about a package which will address and support both of you

Your dogs’ wellbeing and welfare is of prime importance to me so I offer a complete programme which consists of an initial consultation to help you understand your dogs fears, followed by guidance  in safe outdoor areas which will help you both to build confidence and begin to diffuse the fears 

A plan of action to address your dog fears will include

- Understanding why your dog is so fearful

- Learning what to do when your dogs feels like he is in danger (and spotting triggers)

- How to manage your walks with more confidence

- A personalised plan to decrease fear and anxiety when out and how to find places and areas to walk as you work on decreasing anxiety

- Why slowing down and reducing your expectations is so helpful in reducing your dogs fears

And when your dog is ready to take the next step I can then accompany you with one of my own dogs to carry on building  confidence and even help you both to start enjoying  being outside -and aiding your dog to develop clear communication and body language as other dogs approach.

These are all steps that ease and help the transition to your dog becoming more comfortable and to overcome their fears.

When you and your dog are ready I run weekly group social walks. These are run  to help dogs become confident while walking in a group with safety and support as a priority-for more details see the social walks page

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