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                                                       Dogs of all ages & sizes are welcome!


Denton Road, off Dartford Heath


10:45am every Saturday


Approx 45 minutes per session,

dependent on dogs in group

£20 per walk or £45.00 for 3 if you pay in advance

Please bear in mind that if your dog has become increasingly worried around dogs that a group session is not suitable. Please contact Pennie for advice and to discuss the best way to resolve low confidence and fear issues around other dogs

Please note!

All dogs must wear a comfortable harness and a long lead.

(NO flexi-leads, choke chains or prong collars)

If your dog needs to build more confidence or to practice social skills in a group- social walks provide the perfect solution. All walks are on lead, they are particularly good for older puppies, adolescents or dogs that need extra reassurance around other dogs and of course they are fun!

Social walks are limited to a maximum of 5 dogs, with each dog being introduced to the group in a non-threatening way. All dogs are on lead until they feel comfortable and the pace of the walks is kept slow and calm. This leads to many dogs and their carers developing good social connections and friendships which are important no matter what age your dog is

Walks include encouraging dogs to practice natural behaviours including nosework and treat searches which are fun and relaxing for both dogs and their carers.

These classes can be especially beneficial for recently rescued dogs, particularly those who may find the close confines of an indoor class stressful.

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