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Puppy Explorers Class

A 6 week training & socialisation course

for puppies up to 6 months old

This 6 week course is all about encouraging learning through exploration, discovery, novel experience, sensory play, and by having positive experiences.


Each week puppies will build confidence and motor skills.

Practical life skills will be covered as well as:


- Recall and how to establish safe off lead walking

- Loose Leash Walking

- Greeting New People

- Boosting social skills

- Canine body language

- Teaching “wait” “leave” and how to channel your puppy’s energy

- Road safety

- Scent work for fun


Denton Road, off Dartford Heath

9:30am every Saturday 

7:00pm on Wednesdays eves from May-August 

45-60 minutes per class

£95.00 for 6 sessions - includes notes before each class every week- a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with other class members- plus full support with your puppy for 3 months via email or zoom after the course finishes

Family members welcome. Limited to 5 puppies per class

For puppies from 12 weeks old up to 24 weeks old.

Next classes

May 18th -spaces available please use contact button for more details 

Outside classes provide more freedom to socialise and learn. The area that we use is public but has minimal distractions and helps puppy carers to make good decisions for their puppy and helps teach good foundations and social skills.

- All puppies must have completed their puppy vaccinations before attending.

- Puppies will need a comfortable harness, and long training lead (but not an extendable lead) and their favourite treats. If more help is needed with selecting a harness please do ask.

Recall Courses

One of the most frustrating problems you can have with your dog is watching them disappear after a group of other dogs in the distance


Denton Road, Off Rochester Way, DA1 3QU


Approx 60 minutes per class

£75.00 for 4 sessions (the 4th session is a free session and has been added as a review to help dogs and owners to consolidate all aspects of the recall course which we covered in the first 3 lessons

Your dog will need a well fitted comfortable harness for your dog, a long training lead and your dogs VERY favourite treats.


Notes will be sent ahead of the first session

Recall is quite honestly one of the most difficult skills to teach your dog. Many people initially teach their puppies recall during classes but puppies become adolescent dogs, and they become more independent as the months tick past!

Some breeds also have a high prey drive which only make things more difficult


I have taught hundreds of dogs to return when they are called through teaching their carers the building blocks of recall. The most important components of a good recall are a solid foundation and a strong bond with your dog

The recall course will boost your skills and the bond with your dog and help you towards the perfect recall.

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