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Spring fever and Bowen for horses


Horses also have to cope with lots of seasonal changes, and each season brings different challenges

This spring for example is creating many challenges for our horses -one day is warm, the next significantly colder and the next brings heavy showers.

For a horse that is trying to shed a coat this proves hard as the hormones that control this are influenced by temperature and the environment including the growth of the spring grass-can all contribute to our horses feeling a bit “out of sorts" The body is affected in many different ways- for instance the parotid glands around the jaw which can seem to cause very little worry if palpated but are an inflammatory response to what is going on within the body. This may be accompanied by other areas of the face becoming puffy and while inflammation is an important process which will address these problems it is likely that horses is likely to feel comfortable especially when ridden

This physical response to the spring and changes to grass should make us uneasy and make us alert to laminitis, colic and stomach ulcers. I always advise people to keep diaries of their horses daily behaviour especially as the seasons change because these build up into a really useful resource that can be checked each year at the same time when we notice changes to our horses demeanor and response to “normal routines”

The reaction to the changing environment around our horses needs consideration.

Bowen can be very helpful in these situations and provide help with seasonal challenges

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