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Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-manipulative and relaxing hands-on therapy

It is a versatile therapy which has proved to be effective not only for people but also for horses and dogs. The entire body is treated regardless of where pain is located, and Bowen therapists treat the entire body rather than conditions or diseases, our bodies are hard wired to try and heal and whatever the problem may be. Problems initially begin when pain is present, because we change how we move in order to avoid it. This leads to compensation, tension and restriction which often affects the entire body.



Bowen works over fascia, soft tissue, tendons and muscles, and is non manipulative. Bowen is a combination of light pressure and rolling movements which when combined help reduce pain and tension within the body.



I am fully qualified and insured to treat people, horses and dogs and continually update my knowledge through courses, and participating in webinars.


Human Bowen

Human Bowen treatments seek to address areas that hold tension, and which cause pain within the body providing relief and a reduction of stress. Regular Bowen treatments can also help with emotional and physical long- term health problems including


· Joint issues

· Headaches

· Sleep problems

· Back complaints

· Sports injuries

· Hayfever

· Period pain

· Stress and fatigue


Light clothing is worn during treatment. Home visits are available at specific times -or if you have a horse I can treat you both at your yard. Please call or email to make a booking or for more information

Canine Bowen

Dogs lead active lives but are well known for hiding pain and discomfort. If pain is present this often causes behavioural change which can result in many dog owners missing critical signs of pain and distress. For instance, a dog which has suddenly developed a fear of fireworks is often experiencing pain issues.


Canine Bowen can help provide relief for many issues including


· Injuries

· Sprains and strains

· Degenerative conditions, including onset of arthritis

· Anxiety and phobias-including fear of fireworks

· Behavioural problems

· After operations

· Digestive concerns



Dogs are very tuned into physical treatments, and this means they have to be comfortable while receiving treatments. This is why I only treat dogs in their own homes or at Crabtree Canine Enrichment Centre in Crowborough. Dogs can feel overwhelmed when they are in pain so it is important that any sessions are taken slowly and they have the choice to move away should they feel the need to do so. This is especially important for nervous dogs with long term disease. I am able to advise on any behavioural problems which may result if your dog has been injured or unwell and can provide you with remedial exercises to help your dog to regain mobility

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Equine Bowen

Pain, soreness and restriction are common in horses – especially when competing , or are training on a regular basis, but even if not in regular work they can suffer from various conditions which are painful and cause distress. Horses performing under saddle are asked to stay rhythmic and concentrated during work, even when unbalanced, this can lead to injuries and a build-up of lactic acid, particularly if not given enough time to rest and recover.


Equine Bowen can help with

· Soreness, stiffness, or an uneven gait

· Muscle atrophy or uneven development

· Changes in temperament and / or performance

· Bowen can aid wellbeing as horses age -by relaxing areas of tension and fatigue

· Can enhance mobility after operations , assist with healing of wounds and reduce scar tissue which are likely to cause restriction

· Can help boost energy before competition and relieve sore and aching muscles after events by addressing the lymphatic and circulatory systems

take a look at how dogs respond to bowen
Please contact us if you wish to discuss Bowen in more detail, or if you would like to book in.
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