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1-1 Training

Training your dog is not easy and there are times when professional help is needed to resolve problems


Sessions can be held at your home or any mutually convenient outdoor location that suits the needs of your dog (eg. at a country park or in town)


Daytime, evening & weekend slots are available


Around 60 minutes. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended in order to achieve progress.

£65 Initial Consultation

Discounts for recently rehomed rescue dogs - please ask about these at the time of booking.

A training plan will be sent to you along with exercises which often only take a few minutes a day these steps will help you

Our lives with our dogs are not always easy and sometimes problems arise and it can be difficult to know how to deal with them. The best way to approach these frustrating problems is by understanding them and finding a positive and kind solution. It has been proved many times over that positive and kind methods work far better than quick fixes which only suppress problems and result in other problems emerging.

Do you need help with


- Recall

- Constant jumping up

- Continual pulling on the lead

- Fear or aggression towards buggies, prams, cars, vans, cyclists, joggers, or people coming into your house

-constant food guarding

-Advice and preparation before you get your puppy. I can advise and guide as you prepare to bring a puppy into your home

-Unable to attend puppy classes? 1-1 puppy training is available

I can help, advise and guide you to a solution. Issues can be fixed all you need is the right guidance

Dog Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour problems are often more complex than training issues which means that the right advice which places your dogs’ wellbeing at the forefront is crucial.


Sessions are conducted in your own home at a time to suit you including evenings & weekends


Session will take around an hour and a half - although a little longer may sometimes be required, depending on the complexity of the situation.

£100 Initial Consultation

After an initial assessment, you will be provided with a personalized training plan which will cover the points discussed during the consultation, and will include the steps needed to fix the issues you are having, and which you can refer back to.

- Ongoing support is available via email and phone. Additional sessions may be recommended and will be at a reduced rate

- Access to a number of tutorial videos and handouts

- Follow up via email or whatsapp

These problems may include -

- Constant barking and seeking attention

- Aggression towards dogs or humans

- Destruction of items in your house

- Anxiety and phobias

- Have you recently rehomed a rescue dog but they are struggling to settle in?

If you do not live in the areas I cover,

zoom consults are available

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