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Do you have a reactive dog? Part 1

Reactivity, worry, anxiety where do we even start?


Whatever you might read or hear dogs that are anxious about meeting other dogs is not easily solved

Facts-and these are just a few!

  • It is not about telling a dog to sit while other dogs walk past

  • There are no quick fixes

  • Aversives should never be used when trying to help your conquer fears and anxiety

  • Listening to people in the park who tell you they have had 50 years of experience with dogs and you should not listen to canine professionals is not helpful-they do not walk in your shoes, do not know your dog and whatever they say do not have the experience to pass on their opinions

  • It is not your fault that your dog is reactive and can’t cope with meeting other dogs

  • It is rare that dogs are worried because “they have not been socialised correctly”-so please don’t spend time criticising yourself for that

  • Do give your dog days off, stress levels escalate when a dog is under continued pressure from walks where they continually have to face their fears

  • It is a long journey-so any steps you take are positive

  • It is often caused by pain issues

It is important to begin with pain issues-because we have to begin somewhere

It is difficult to get a diagnosis, I understand that, but please initially start off by booking an appointment with a vet. Before you go take some video, so that the vet can assess how your dog is moving


This is not any old bit of video, it needs to show your dog from the front, behind and side on in walk and trot for at least 20 seconds.

This kind of video is needed if a vet does not have the space or time to watch your dog moving. Without the right information it is really hard for a vet to pin down any area of possible pain, and if this is so it is difficult to get a pain trial, which is often the most important first step when trying to solve behaviour problems

This is without doubt the first and most important step to helping a reactive dog

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