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Do you need help with building a bond with your horse or re-building confidence in your riding?


Confidence issues prevent many people enjoying their horses, but It is not only riders that can suffer from a crisis in confidence this also affects horses.
When a horse loses confidence, this can manifest as spooking , anxiety or a reluctance to move forward, or loss of balance and rhythm even during exercises that are relatively simple

Owning and taking care of a horse can be a rollercoaster. Most riders have had the experience of suffering from a negative experiences which then affects their ability to enjoy their horses.


Confidence issues are among the most common problem that riders suffer from

Yes, you can “fake it till you make it” but ultimately this will leave you without a structure if confidence fails again

Instead of hoping for the best it is far better to identify what is causing these issues, and then set about making a plan to boost your confidence and help you back on the road to enjoying riding your horse

Among the reasons for confidence loss

Pain and restriction


Balance issues

Unpredictable movement in the horse

The horse never “feels relaxed”

A horse may lose his confidence due to

Pain and restriction

Balance issues

Performing/ not ready for a higher level of competition

Negative past experiences

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