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Crabtree Canine Enrichment and Training Centre, The Warren, Crowborough, TN6 1UB

Would you like to visit an area that is completely dog centred? Our dogs’ most basic of needs are often forgotten so a visit to an area that enriches and promotes the use of well- developed senses is a great activity for dogs.

£26 per session (one dog) £30 for two dogs

Pennie is also a canine therapist and can provide you with exercises to maintain your dogs health, movement and wellbeing

Free sessions for rescue centres or dogs in foster.

There are places reserved every month for dogs that are in shelters or foster.


Please contact Pennie for details

Important details before booking!

- Sessions must be booked in advance and are under the guidance of Pennie, each session is tailored to each dog that visits.

- All dogs must wear a well-fitting and comfortable harness and please bring a long lead which your dog needs to wear at all times

- To gain maximum benefit, dogs should be allowed to make their own choices and discover things at their own pace. 


Sensory experiences are important for the wellbeing of dogs

It is essential that dogs are allowed to practise natural behaviours-allowing dogs freedom to natural areas especially combined with gentle movement and enrichment reduces stress levels and is vital if a dog has heightened anxiety or uncertainty for example after moving into a new home


Crabtree has been set up especially for dogs to give them the opportunity to make full use of their specialised senses including promoting proprioception, vestibular and tactile senses which are activated as they explore and helps dogs develop awareness of their bodies. This is especially important for puppies or as part of rehab after injuries, and is of huge benefit for older dogs as their movement becomes more limited 

Individual appointments ensure that your dog will have room to explore which is especially beneficial for reactive or newly rehomed dogs.


It is not just anxious dogs that love visiting! All ages and breeds of dogs are welcome!


The entire area is an experience for any dog, this includes dogs with food allergies. It can be set up for your dog if he/ she has multiple allergies.


If you have a dog that has GI issues or guarding issues this is no problem and the areas can be set up so that there are a multitude of things to seek out and sniff and obstacles to investigate without food being involved.

The first appointments of each day are reserved for these dogs.


"Crabtree is such a special place, for both dogs and humans, as you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. Set in the middle of peaceful countryside, with no distractions apart from the sounds of nature, you can truly “switch off “ from the mundane and simply enjoy focusing on your dog. My special boy, Mr O is a tri paw rescue with many issues, and to watch him explore with such great interest in an environment that he felt completely safe and comfortable in was a heart -warming experience. Pennie is so kind and knowledgeable, and to spend quality time with your dog sharing a personal experience, is enhanced by being in the company of someone who truly understands the importance of the bond between the dog and their guardian and how we can all learn more to understand our best friend’s needs."

Lisa & Mr O

"Our Bulgarian rescue dog Billy really enjoys visiting the Crabtree Canine Enrichment centre. It is a lovely tranquil place dogs and humans can relax and explore together. Pennie always sets up the centre with new things for Billy to find and investigate different smells and tastes and lots of different textures and surfaces to climb on. It is a great experience for building a dogs confidence and a chance for them to use all of their amazing senses. Pennie is very knowledgeable and has a very quiet and calm manner which is brilliant when you have a dog who is wary of people We have found visiting Crabtree has helped Billy and ourselves enormously I would recommend it to anyone."

Jo & Billy

"Crabtree is a wonderful place to take your dogs for a sensory adventure! It is always set up with so much to explore, all safe, and nothing out of bounds, my pack have a whale of a time, lots of treats to find, games to work out, things to climb over, they are really able to investigate without the pressures of others people/ dogs/ traffic etc. There is enough space for the 3 of them to do their own thing, yet small enough to keep an eye on what they are all up to. They love their trips to Crabtree, and never get bored, although they always come home and fall asleep-they get plenty of mental stimulation as well as slow and gentle exercise."

Psyche, Gilbert, Riley & Ziggy

"Thank you Pennie for a wonderful experience for Buck and I at Crabtree, it really is a magical spot hidden in the woods with only the sounds of nature all around.... Buck had a

lovely time sniffing all the wonderful smells and discovering all the yummy treats.

This was our first experience at a proper dog enrichment centre and it's brilliant you have done a great job.... thank you also for all your pearls of wisdom and advice, it was a fun day out for both of us, look forward to next time!"

Lucy & Buck

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