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Pennie has particular expertise with with greyhounds and galgos. If you’ve recently adopted a rescue dog, I can help with any questions you have and offer expert guidance.


Conducted in your own home at a time to suit you including evenings & weekends


Daytime, evening & weekend slots are available


Around 60 minutes

£65 Initial Consultation

During a consultation we will talk over the issues you are experiencing and I will then provide you with a personalised training plan which will outline how to reduce stress, build confidence and help your new dog towards living his best life with you alongside

- Ongoing support is available via email and phone. Should additional sessions be needed they will be at a reduced rate

- Access to a number of tutorial videos and handouts

- Follow up via email or whatsapp

Newly rehomed dogs often feel unsettled and this creates issues such as:


- House training

- Lack of proper restorative sleep

- Lack of appetite

- General anxiety

- Separation problems

- Freezing on walks

Every rehomed dog goes through a period of transition. Not only do they need to adjust to their new environment, but they also need to adjust to different people in their lives. While many newly adopted dogs settle into their new home quickly, others may experience anxiety and stress. Anxiety is mainly due to feelings of insecurity and that their lives have become unpredictable .

At this point no formal training should be undertaken for at least a month- but there are activities you can introduce during this period of adjustment which will help build confidence and encourage relaxation. Full support and packages are available which will show you how to reduce stress, encourage your dog to relax into his/ her new life and how to introduce them into  novel outside environments.

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