Pennie Clayton


Horse and rider

Do you and your horse need help with improving how you ride, gaining confidence, and creating a stronger partnership? Pennie’s training isn’t about shortcuts, gadgets or quick fixes but focuses on aiding the horse correctly, and learning how a horse responds to consistent and thoughtful riding


Growing dogs need to be able to explore and develop social skills. Some dogs become fearful or reactive as a result of past experiences. Or maybe you would like to build your dog’s confidence on a social walk. Pennie only uses force-free and kind methods and sessions that are tailored to each individual dog and owner. She specialises in ex racing greyhounds, lurchers and rescue dogs

Bowen therapy

When pain is present in the body we change how we move in order to avoid it. This leads to compensation, tension and pain in other areas of the body. Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-manipulative and relaxing hands on therapy which may be effective not only for humans but also for horses and dogs