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Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-manipulative and relaxing hands on therapy. 


It is a versatile therapy which is effective not only for humans but also for horses and dogs. The entire body is treated regardless of where pain is located, treating the body not the condition. When pain is present in the body we change how we move in order to avoid it. This leads to compensation, tension and pain in other areas of the body.

Bowen works over soft tissue and muscle, and is non manipulative . It is a hands on therapy which consists of light pressure on specific areas of the body.

Pennie is fully qualified and insured to treat people, horses and dogs.

Human Bowen

The moves used during a Bowen session will seek to address areas that hold tension, providing relief and relaxation. It may also help with emotional and hormonal afflictions, as well as :- 

  • Joint issues

  • Headaches

  • Sleep problems

  • Back complaints

  • Sports injuries

  • Hayfever

  • Period pain

  • Stress and fatigue


Bowen is able to be given through light clothing and does not involve the use of creams or oils.

Equine Bowen

A benefit of Equine Bowen is the ability to address the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Horses performing under saddle are asked to stay rhythmic and concentrated throughout a session, even when unbalanced. This can lead to injuries and a build-up of lactic acid, particularly if they are not given time to rest. 

  • Soreness, stiffness, or an uneven gait

  • Muscle atrophy or uneven development

  • Intermittent and unresolved lameness

  • Sudden changes in temperament or performance

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Digestive issues 

These are just some of the issues that Bowen may help with. If you notice your horse moving differently then we recommend you give Bowen a try! 

Canine Bowen

Dogs lead active lives and often hide pain and discomfort. Tension is regularly transferred to other areas as they alter their movement to avoid pain. Canine Bowen may help with various issues, including :- 

  • Injuries 

  • Sprains and strains

  • Degenerative conditions, such as arthritis

  • Anxiety and phobias

  • Behavioural problems

  • Pre and post operative care

  • Digestive concerns


Bowen is never forced on the dog and they are always given a choice to move away if needed. This is especially important for nervous dogs or dogs in pain. Your dog will be treated as an individual to get the most out of each session.

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Watch the video to see how dogs respond to Bowen .

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