Pennie has been working with horses all her life, and is a freelance BHS instructor (BHS Int Teach ) who specialises in dressage and flatwork. She has trained horses of all types and breeds and taught riders from beginners to advanced. She is a long term member of the TTT Trust since watching Charles de Kunffy teaching his students using motivational, inspiring and thought provoking methods many years ago. 

Pennie is passionate about helping both horses and riders to learn, gain confidence, and create a strong partnership. Her training isn’t about shortcuts, gadgets or quick fixes. It focuses on teaching the rider to adopt an effective seat, aiding the horse correctly, and learning how a horse responds to consistent and thoughtful riding. This allows horses to become supple, balanced and confident in their riders, instilling self-carriage and helping riders to achieve their goals.

Pennie can help with:

  • freelance training for all levels, across Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex

  • specialised dressage and flatwork training

  • pole work and jumping lessons

  • preparation for BHS exams

  • preparation for tests and/or competitive event

  • freestyle to music – composition of patterns, choreography and presentation of tests
    lectures and workshops on a variety of topics
    Sensory Integration problems in horses

Private Tuition

Private lessons which are tailored to suit your requirements, with homework to complete between lessons. At the beginning of each lesson we will identify your goals and think about your progress up to this point. This helps develop a system which builds confidence, balance and skill for both you and your horse.

£35 for a one hour lesson (Travel costs may apply, depending on your location)

Semi-Private Lessons - 2 Riders

Share a lesson with a friend or yard member! Lessons will be tailored to each individual, and your horse will also have a chance to rest and catch its breath between activities. This is a great option if your horse is building its fitness and may struggle with a full lesson.

£20 per person for a one hour lesson (Travel costs may apply, depending on your location)

Group Lessons – Max. 4 People

Groups lessons can be flatwork or a combination of flatwork, pole work and jumping. While the intensity of work will be lower than private tuition, group lessons provide a fun learning experience and the opportunity to observe and learn while other horses are being worked.


£15 per person for a one hour lesson (Travel costs may apply, depending on your location)


Clinics provide a great way of working, with other riders or individually, at a location away from home. They help develop the confidence of both horses and riders in an unfamiliar environment. Clinics will often combine disciplines of flatwork and jumping, or focus on a particular topic.


Follow our Facebook page for details of upcoming clinics and how to book.

Summer Camp

Join us for our annual summer camp!


Open to all levels of horse and rider (over 18s only) the camp is held at Plumpton College in Sussex. The college has fantastic facilities, including two indoor schools, an outdoor manège, cross country course, show jumping field and a mechanical horse! The easily accessible surrounds provide stunning views of the Sussex countryside and are the perfect place for hacking.


The camp is all inclusive, providing stables, refreshments, meals, camping (or rooms within the college for a small additional cost) and evening activities, as well as essential advice and tools. In previous years we have had wonderful talks on many topics, including guest speaker Owen Gurry who designed the music for some of the successful Paralympic dressage team.


For more details, please email

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