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Pennie Clayton is a force free and positive dog trainer and coach and uses only the most up-to-date and scientifically supported techniques. She treats each dog as an individual, working at their pace and rewarding them with time, encouragement and positive reinforcement in order to build confidence in both dog and owner. 

If you have a dog that is timid or reactive, please feel free to contact Pennie for advice and support.

Social Walks


Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. 


Location: Denton Road, off Dartford Heath

Time: 10.45am every Saturday

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes per session, depending on the dogs in the group.

Please see our Facebook page or call  for information 

If your dog needs to build confidence or needs to practice social skills in a calm group- Join our Social Walks and learn how to make walking more enjoyable, for both of you! 

There are many dogs who for various reasons have become a little anxious around other dogs, this is where calm quiet and sociable walks in areas that do not have too much footfall are so important. This allows them to relax and practice their social skills.

The classes are small (a maximum of 5 dogs), calm and quiet, with each dog being introduced to the group in a non-threatening way. 

Walking in quiet areas and practising/ teaching natural dog behaviours like nose-work and treat searches enables both dogs and owners to relax and have fun while walking . The overall aim is to help each dog to integrate with the wider world by giving them space to interact if they choose, and giving them the choice to interact with the other dogs only if they choose and when they are ready.

These classes can be especially beneficial for recently rescued dogs, particularly those who may find the close confines of an indoor class stressful.

If your dog is really anxious around other dogs a group session is not suitable. Please contact Pennie for advice and help to discuss the best way to resolve low confidence and fear issues 

Cost: £20.00 per session. £45.00 if you pay for 3 sessions in advance,these do not need to be taken on consecutive weeks 


Please Note:
- All dogs must wear a comfortable harness and a long lead. (NO flexi-leads!) 

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