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Pennie Clayton is a highly qualified dog trainer and canine behaviour consultant who is committed to using only the most up-to-date positive and scientifically supported methods to help both puppy and owner. Her classes are all positive and force free which makes learning engaging and fun - something that is especially important with puppies. 

You are welcome to come and watch a class before joining. This will give you a sense of what to expect and the methods used - just get in touch to let us know when you would like to come along. Please do not bring your own puppy to watch as it is hard to watch and focus while taking care of your own puppy.

Puppy Classes


A 6 week training and socialisation course specifically for puppies. 


Location: Denton Road, off Dartford Heath 

Time: 9.30am every Saturday and 7.00pm every Wednesday (late Spring and Summer only)

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes per class 

All family members welcome.*

Puppies are very special. They are able to learn and adapt quickly, but in order to function properly in life they have needs which must be addressed. Enrol on our latest course to learn more!

Growing dogs need to be able to explore and develop social skills without putting pressure on their young minds and bodies. Strenuous exercise leads to joint problems in later life, so our classes address how you can entertain and teach your puppy without creating excessive strain on bodies which can impact on their future lives . 

Classes allow both puppy and handler to socialise and learn in an outdoor environment where stress is as minimal as possible. This is especially important for young puppies as they find it hard to take in and retain information in overstimulating situations. 

Our course has been designed to teach all the important life skills including walking on a loose lead, preventing jumping up, and the other really important life skills including recall, ‘wait’ and ‘leave’. The class will also help puppies and their carers to help work on off lead skills

The course also looks at WHY puppies do the things they do-such as jumping up-the truth is for most puppies it is a matter of people stopping to talk to them-which encourages them to jump up to receive attention-the course teaches you ways to train the people around you!

We look at why recall can often be so difficult in outside areas and how to teach a solid recall to your puppy. As with the entire course the focus is on the puppies themselves and how to teach them through positive and kind methods and through the understanding of why they behave as they do.

Class members will receive notes before each class by email these include notes on recall, basic nutrition, teething, calming signals and socialisation and serve as a comprehensive library to help you as your dogs grows into an adolescent. 

Advice and support will be provided throughout the course and for 6 months after you have completed the course

Classes are held outside because this allows more freedom to socialise and learn. The area we use has minimal distractions but this helps carers to make good decisions for their puppy and helps to teach good foundations and social skills.

Notes will be sent before each class which will detail the exercises and methods of teaching that are used in each 

Cost: £95.00 for 6 sessions-includes weekly notes before each class and full support with your puppy for 6 months

The next course starts on November 11th @ 9.30

Puppy classes have now been updated and you are able to join with your puppy whenever you are ready, the level of training and help will still remain the same but it allows a little more flexibility for puppy's and their guardians.

The course comprises of 6 weekly sessions.

Please Note:
- All dogs must have completed their puppy vaccinations before attending.

- Puppies must wear a comfortable harness, and have long training lead (but not an extendable lead) and please bring your puppy's favourite treats. If more help is needed with selecting a harness please do ask.

Testimonials for classes.

Pennie’s puppy classes are a wonderful mix of playing, socialisation, learning and exploring. The outdoor setting is the perfect environment for the puppies to relax and learn in a fun way with real world distractions, whilst their humans benefit from Pennie’s vast knowledge and experience. Pennie always has the best interests of the puppies at heart so the classes are very calm with a small number of puppies which means that everyone benefits from individual attention. We have learnt so much and highly recommend Pennie’s FABULOUS puppy classes.

Jackie and Albie

Pennie has trained both of our Cavapoo puppies (Jensen and Cooper) and they have turned out to be the most incredibly well mannered and obedient pets. Pennie is total professional and really helps owners fully understand what their dog is going through whilst they develop as a puppy. Each lesson is personalised to a small and well behaved group (of humans - normally ha ha) giving Pennie enough time to work on everyone's puppy (through fun tasks) - no matter if they are shy or challenging - this is super helpful as you get such great insight, service, value for money and advice from one of the nicest people we have ever met. Pennie has helped us with our puppies outside of class also from doggie travel sickness and excitement issues in the car. I would highly recommend Pennie to anyone who wants their puppy to have the best training in the world. Pennie is a brilliant and friendly lady who has genuinely helped us transform our pets into two of the most well behaved and loved dogs on the planet. Well done, Pennie - we adore your work! 

Kevin, Jenson and Cooper

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