Pennie Clayton is a highly qualified dog trainer who is committed to using only the most up-to-date and scientifically supported methods to get results. Her classes are all positive and force free which makes learning engaging and fun - something that is especially important with puppies. 

You are welcome to come and watch a class before joining. This will give you a sense of what to expect and the methods used - just get in touch to let us know when you would like to come along.

Puppy Classes

A 6 week training and socialisation course designed specifically for puppies and dogs up to a year old. 


Location: Hawley Pavilion, Hawley Road, Dartford DA2 7RB 

Time: 7.15pm every Thursday 

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes per class 

All family members welcome.

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Puppies are very special. They are able to learn and adapt quickly, but in order to function properly in life they have needs which must be addressed. Enrol on our latest course to learn more!

Growing dogs need to be able to explore and develop social skills without putting pressure on their young minds and bodies. Strenuous exercise leads to joint problems in later life, so our classes address how you can entertain and teach your pup without causing them harm. 

Classes are kept deliberately small (a maximum of 4 dogs) to allow everybody to socialise and learn in an environment where stress and noise is at a minimum. This is especially important for young pups as they find it hard to take in and retain information in overstimulating situations. 

Our course has been designed to teach all the important life skills, including housetraining, walking nicely on lead, not jumping up, and basic commands such as 'come', ‘wait’ and ‘leave’. It also covers food and nutrition, teething, and the “8 o’clock bubble”. 

Comprehensive printed handouts, advice and support will be provided throughout the course.

Cost: £85.00 for 6 sessions


Please Note:
- All dogs must have completed their puppy vaccinations before attending.

- Please bring a comfortable harness, long lead and your pup’s favourite treats.

Operating in Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and South East London

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