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It's creeping towards the firework season

There are no quick fixes if your dog is extremely fearful around this time of year and we know that even if it is quiet at the moment that the mayhem is only weeks away.

You need to be a detective and try and pick up as many clues as to why your dog is so fearful.

Dogs are not born with a fear of fireworks so this is why you need to start observing your dog and trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together

I have written a lot of posts on my dog group called Enhancing the life of your Hound which are easily accessible and which will help you to formulate a plan to help put things in place and help your dog feel a bit more comfortable

Please do talk to your vet because fear is closely related to pain. It is not easy finding the root of pain but do take as many notes as you can because they are useful for a vet and will guide them towards looking in the right areas in order to find out if any pain issues exist in your dog.

Your vet will also be able to prescribe anti anxiety meds-in particular Sileo has proved to be useful for extremely firework phobic dogs

This should be your first port of call but if you need support and help over this upcoming period please do contact me because I have a lot of resources which you may find really useful

Do have a look at all the posts on my dog group

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