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Pennie Clayton is a dog trainer and behaviourist and uses only positive, kind, force free, up-to-date and scientifically supported methods. 

Her speciality is rescue dogs.

She has adopted many rescue dogs herself over the years and actively encourages others to do the same. She regularly helps out at and provides advice to greyhound rehoming kennels, and has provided seminars for various rescue groups, including the Greyhound Trust. She is also a trustee and patron of Project Galgo

Help for Rescue Dogs-specialising in ex racing greyhounds 

- House training 

- Sleep problems 

- Lack of appetite 

- Separation Anxiety 

These are all common issues with newly adopted dogs, who often suffer with stress until they realise that they are finally 'home'.

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Rescue dogs need understanding and time to adjust and acclimatise to a new home. Many rescue dogs experience anxiety and often suffer from stress issues, this means the first 6 months can be challenging, while they adapt to their new life.

It is vitally important that training be kept to a minimum for the first month after adoption, while this period of adjustment occurs. However, there are various activities that can be offered in the meantime, which will build confidence and help your new dog to settle in more quickly.

Here at Horse & Hound School, we offer full support and packages to owners of newly adopted rescue dogs and Pennie is always available to provide advice, support, problem solving and basic life skills training - all of which are essential for helping your new dog to get the most out of family life. 

If you have adopted, or are considering adopting, a rescue dog and would like advice or support with any issues, Pennie offers advice and support while you are making your decision, and is on hand to help during the first crucial weeks . 

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