Are you struggling with your nervous dog when you are out walking?


Help is at hand.  


I’m here to give you the best support for you and your dog through a tailored program.


Do you feel like a bad dog owner because your dog barks when walking?

You are not alone! Owning an anxious dog is not easy and can be very frustrating, as walks are neither relaxing or enjoyable.

Other dog owners may disapprove but your dog is not being naughty or misbehaving.

Your dog is not being bad, but he is just trying to communicate his discomfort around other dogs.


Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs when you walk?

  • Does your dog pull on the lead and become more tense and anxious as he approaches the park?

  • Does your dog pull to get to other dogs, but on approaching, seems to change his mind and his behaviour changes to aggression?

For dogs that dislike or hate meeting other dogs when they are out, the time when they are walked can be the worst part of their day. Instead of enjoying their time outside these dogs become stressed and fearful which takes all joy away when they as they step through your front door.

The reason for this behaviour is often caused by previous bad experiences. Fearful and reactive dogs have often been bullied or attacked by other dogs at some point in their history which causes extreme reactions to other dogs.


Or alternatively, some dogs have not met many other dogs in their early lives and their social skills are shaky.

Only force-free and kind methods are used and sessions are tailored to each individual dog and owner.

Fearful dogs need more than basic training to help them with their fear and worry of being attacked by another dog. This is done by building confidence, diffusing stress and by understanding the problems your dog is experiencing. I do not advocate aversives or techniques which make dogs more uncomfortable.

As an accredited and insured canine behaviourist and a full member of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe) I only use kind, force-free methods.

I offer a variety of options and packages and when you and your dog are ready regular group social walks are held which help dogs to feel safe and secure with other dogs. These are held in quiet areas and groups are kept small so that the dogs don’t become overwhelmed.

If you have a reactive dog and would like advice or support with any issues, please feel free to get in touch with Pennie today.